For the Athlete in You

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Core Series (6 Minutes)

Fire up your core with this fun six minute series! We spend the first couple of minutes in a table top position. If you have any knee issues, place a folded blanket or towel under you knees to provide some extra cushion. Remember to breathe and smile, and, as always, listen to your body. You should feel the burn here, but no sharp pain.

If you're just waking up or have been sitting all day, we suggest starting with our warm up flow before starting this sequence. Feel free to repeat this sequence as many times as you like, as long as you maintain proper form!

Core Strengthening, Chest/Shoulder Opening, and Stretching Flow (10 Minutes)

This 10 minute (and 30 second) flow gets your core fired up (and then released), opens your shoulders and chest, and stretches out your body to get you ready for your day ahead. This flow would be a great way to start to cool down after a workout and lengthen your muscles.

Remember that you can modify this flow to better serve you (e.g., stick with bridge if wheel isn't in your practice or take it a little slower or faster during the boat series)! Build up your strength each time you practice this flow.