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Natalie Heath

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Natalie Heath is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She received her 200-hour training under Quinn Reynolds and Lisako Koga at Arrichion Hot Yoga and Circuit Training in Raleigh, NC, where she also received circuit training under Ty Reynolds and Clay Reynolds. Natalie previously taught at Thee House of Yoga in Indialantic, FL.
Natalie was drawn to the yoga practice after coming across a heated, upbeat, and challenging class while living in Jacksonville, FL. Growing up playing tennis and softball, and later surfing, Natalie enjoyed the more physically engaging aspect of the practice. After moving to Raleigh, she found a yoga studio that meshed perfectly with her athletic tendencies and was officially hooked. Through her yoga practice, Natalie saw improvements not only in her athletic endeavors, particularly surfing, but also in her mental focus. Her passion for yoga has only grown, and with that came a passion for sharing the practice with others. One of Natalie’s favorite aspects of yoga is that it is a continuous practice; there is no perfection in yoga, and there is something truly freeing about continual growth over stagnant perfection. Her favorite aspect of teaching yoga is helping people realize that they are capable of more than they thought they were, something she hopes they take with them off the mat.

Nicholas Heath


Nick is a certified instructor of the Oxygen Advantage®. He received his teacher training under the founder of the Oxygen Advantage®, Patrick McKeown, in March 2018.  

Nick was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes when he was 11 years old.  After reading and applying the Oxygen Advantage® breathing techniques at age 30, he immediately noticed remarkable improvements in his blood sugar and energy levels. As an avid surfer, Nick has also noticed dramatic improvements in his surfing confidence and performance after regular practice of the Oxygen Advantage® breathing techniques. These results inspired him to pursue Oxygen Advantage® teacher training so he could share this practice with others.  Through this training, Nick has become well-versed in both the scientific and practical aspects of the exercises.  Nick is passionate about sharing what he has learned and experienced with others.